Introduction to 3D Worlds

3D worlds are virtual worlds that exist on the internet. With many online sites now offering virtual worlds and services, users from all over the world are enjoying the realistic effects and graphics that are offered at these sites. When visiting a 3D world site, individuals will enjoy a simulated world that provides some form of entertainment. Many gamers enjoy fantasy 3D worlds or sci fi worlds. The sites that offer these will often have carious social games and services that will enhance the experience.

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All About Online 3D Worlds

3D Worlds are very popular and are seen in many of today's gaming venues. Multiplayer games that are found online will depict a wide range of worlds, which can include the real world, sports, historical arenas, fantasy and science fiction. The most common are fantasy worlds, where gamers will access the site to enjoy a gaming experience that provides the most realistic graphics. When playing in a 3D world, players will create characters that can travel between areas in the game, such as between towns, buildings and worlds.

One of the most popular 3D worlds found online is the World of Warcraft. This is a multiplayer game that provides role playing abilities. This game has been popular since its release in 2001 and attracts many hard core gamers daily. Another popular choice is The Sims. This is a real life 3D world in which players will take on the role of a character in the game and go through the motions of living a real life. These games are presented in real time and offer complex graphics, animations and sounds to create the most realistic effects online.

3D worlds offer a completely different level of gaming than one would find with simple social gaming or online casino gaming. These games are all 3D based, which makes them pop off the screen and make players feel as though they are actually part of the game. The actions of the game are all in real time, so the game progresses just as activities would in real life. With so many online options for 3D worlds, players continue to enjoy the old and new games that are available, all offering an escape from reality as players take on a virtual personality and live through these games. 3D worlds are created every day and many players will go as far to create a character that is used in all their 3D world environments. This type of gaming has become one of the most popular online activities and presents players with a true to life experience. While many players will appreciate the benefits to playing these virtual games, they should also be aware of some of the negative aspects that are involved, which are highlighted below.

Pros and Cons to Online 3D Worlds

3D worlds provide both advantages and disadvantages online. These worlds do attract many players who find the games and activities to be awe inspiring and stimulating. Some of the benefits of 3D worlds include:

The Pros:

  • The ability to escape reality and enter into a new world through the internet.
  • Allows players to take on a new personality and escape their own lives while enjoying great games for hours.
  • Provide the most realistic graphics and interactions available in any form of gaming.
  • Offers endless hours of excitement.
  • Games are all played in real time and games progress like actual events.
  • The games offer a complexity that is not found with any other type of online gaming.

Along with the advantages of playing 3D world games, there are some drawbacks that also exist. These games are not for all players.

The Cons

  • 3D world games can become highly addictive and can interfere with real life.
  • Many players will become their virtual character and can actually change their real life personality.
  • The games can be costly and will require internet connections and software downloads.
  • There are no monetary rewards ever available when playing these games.