Introduction to Binary Options Trading

Binary Options trading has become one of the most popular forms of financial investments for many people around the world. The reason this type of trading has become a top choice is because it is very straightforward. Traders will have the understanding that they will either win or lose by a percentage. There are only two outcomes of binary options trading. Either the investor will make money, or they will lose their initial investment. This form of trading can easily and safely be performed online.

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All About Online Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading online is a great place for beginner traders to start. Instead of jumping into the complex world of forex trading, binary options provide a simply trading system that can allow traders to know ahead of time what they stand to earn or lose with the trade. Each investment option with binary trading will have a potential risk, but the great thing about these options is that before a trade is conducted, investors will already know the exact amount they could lose. Binary options trading refers to the exchange of a contract between a buyer and a seller. The buyer will have the chance to purchase or sell an asset at a price that is agreed upon or on a date that is pre-determined. The buyer however, does not have the same options available.

Most of the options that are traded will take place in major exchanges, Including The American Stock Exchange, The NYSE, International Securities Exchange and others. One of the main attractions to binary options trading online is that the time it will take for the contract options to expire are usually under an hour. This means that there is a lot of money to be earned in a short amount of time. When performing the trade, the trader will buy a contract on an asset and then predict whether the asset value will increase at the end of the contract or decrease. If the value increases, traders will earn money and will be considered to be in the money. Out of the money will occur when the asset value decreases.

The return on investment for binary options is generally between 150% and 185% of the initial investment. So clearly, there is a lot of money to be earned wit this type of trading. Since there are predetermined outcomes and only two options, this is a safer investment than forex and is less risky. Traders have to realise that the actual price of the asset will not mater. The goal is to make the correct prediction as to whether the value will increase or decrease before the expiration time. The actual asset will never be owned, traders will simply be predicting the rise or fall of value of a particular asset, which can include stocks, bonds and commodities.

Pros and Cons to Online Binary Options Trading

As with all types of online trades, there are pros and cons to binary options. Most investors will feel that this is the best type of investment for various reasons. The benefits of conducting online binary options trades include:

The Pros:

  • Binary Options are fast and easy to begin trading and will not require large amounts of money.
  • Profits will be guaranteed and traders will now how much they can earn before the trade is completed.
  • There are only two outcomes, so the process is fairly simple, making this an attractive option for new investors.
  • Offers fast turn around times so money is not tied up.

Even with the many advantages to trading binary options online, there are some downfalls that need to be understood before conducting a trade.

The Cons:

  • This is not a long term investment option, so it may not be right for everyone.
  • Binary options cannot be executed before the expiration time, unlike traditional options.
  • There are limits as to how much can be earned.
  • This type of investment does not offer unlimited rewards.
  • The gains will be predetermined before the trade is conducted.
  • There are fewer instruments for technical analysis than what is offered with other forms of trading, such as forex.