Spot Online Tells With Poker

Playing poker online is a completely different experience than playing at a land based casino, especially for players who use tells during the game to make important decisions. With online poker games, it is not possible to see the people who are playing, so the traditional tells cannot be spotted easily, However, as one becomes more experienced, they will be able to spot two different tells online and these can be very beneficial for those that are looking to win more games and enjoy better pot wins.

When an opponent takes a long time to make a decision and finally checks, this is a sign of a weak hand. The player will want others to think they are considering a different move when they really are not holding any good cards. Consider raising when players take a long time to check as this will force them to fold. This is a good strategy even when one is not holding a strong hand.

A long wait followed by a bet or raise will indicate the opposite. This can signify the player has a strong hand and will want others to thing they are considering a check. Players who are holding great hands do not want to be too quick to bet as this can also give away their strategy and even let others know they are holding a winning hand.

Watch for players who use instant check. This is an action that can be selected before the action even gets to the player. Doing this can indicate that eh player is weak and that they are disinterested in the hand and cannot even wait for their turn before making a decision.

Keep an eye for those that time out. This can indicate the player is doing other things and is not paying attention to the hand. This is a great opportunity to capitalise on the weakness of other players. If these players do finally bet, be sure to have a strong hand to call with. Otherwise, it may be best to fold.

These are just a few tells that can be used when playing poker online. While they are not always reliable, they can give players an advantage at the table and can help them learn what types of players they are competing against.