Introduction to MMOs

MMOs, or massively multiplayer online games, have become hugely popular for many players. These games support hundreds, even thousands of individual players all around the world and are all played on the internet. The games usually have a persistent world, but there are also games that just have a very large number of players competing at the same time. The games are played on a variety of platforms, though most players will access them through a personal computer because they appreciate the larger viewing screens and the details of the graphics that are supported.

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All About MMOs

Massively multiplayer games are a great way to enjoy a thrilling and fast paced game while having the ability to interact and compete with hundreds of others. The games can be accessed through gaming consoles like PlayStation and the Wii or any other gaming device that can connect to the internet. These games not only provide great excitement, but will enable all involved players to cooperate and compete with each other as the game progresses. These games will often result in players forming teams to reach common goals.

Many of these MMO games are role playing games in which there is a quest and an adventure theme. Some of the more popular games include Air Warrior and EverQuest. For many years, these games were limited to computer platforms until the video gaming industry offered newer consoles that supported internet connections. With these consoles, MMOs became very popular and attracted large groups of players. Recently, these games started to become available on mobile phones, allowing players to enjoy access to the games even when they are nowhere near their computer or gaming console.

With the technological advances that have been made over the years, these games became richer in graphics and began to offer different themes. Today, the most popular game is Happy Farm, which currently has 228 million users, with 23 million being active each and every day. One thing that makes these games very different from single player games is the fact that the games will often charge a monthly fee for usage. This allows players to access the server and enjoy all aspects of the game. Since MMOs attract thousands at any given time, the games must have a dedicated server to support all those playing.

When accessing MMOs, players will find that there are variety of games that are available, with the most common being role playing. There are also first person shooter games that provide large scale combat. These games focus on player skills instead of statistics like the role playing games. Real time strategy games have become top choices for players who are looking for a realistic experience through the game. These games are usually fantasy based and the game will continue to evolve even when the player is not actively playing.

Pros and Cons to MMOs

Since MMOs have become so popular. The games offer many advantages over playing a standard platform game or a social game. With MMOs, players will benefit from the following:

The Pros:

  • The ability to interact and form strategies with thousands of other players.
  • The games provide real life actions that are not found in many video games or online social games.
  • MMO games are rich in graphic content and all of the animations are life like.
  • The games teach players how to work with others to achieve a common goal.
  • Players will enjoy the social interactions that are not fond with single player games or online casino games.

Even with the great popularity of these games, there are some disadvantages to playing an MMO.

The Cons:

  • The game will continue to progress even if the player is not active. This can cause missed chances and opportunities when players take a break from the game.
  • MMOs will not allow player freedom like other games as players will have to follow the game environment.
  • The fee for access can be expensive, especially for avid gamers who are involved in multiple games.
  • Since the games are so complex, they take longer to be tested and released, resulting in fewer game choices.